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The first Instagram post was published on July 16, 2010, and it is a picture of South Beach Harbor at Pier 38, taken from the Dogpatch office tech hub.

A Shuttered Prelude: The Introduction of Instagram

Attracting more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, today, Instagram has become the fourth most used social media platform. All thanks to its hyper-visual nature, perfect for audiences seeking style inspiration and creative ideas. Although it was initially Gen-Z’s go-to platform for passing time, it attracts people from all generations today.

Whether you wish to become an influencer and use your skills to help brands reach their target audience or share your creative work or everyday life stories, Instagram is the perfect platform. Although there are other popular social media platforms, no one can replace Instagram’s excellent visuals and aesthetics.

Since the world has become so used to social media platforms, one cannot imagine a day without them. However, the scenario was different in the past when there was no Instagram; it was impossible to stay up-to-date with what was happening worldwide, the latest trends, the best food to try, the best places to travel, etc. People had neither heard of it nor could they imagine such a platform would unleash, where everyone would share their random pictures and captions and enjoy watching captivating reels.

In the never-ending list of firsts, there was July 16th, 2010, when Instagram shared its first photo with the world.

The First Picture to be Shared On Instagram

More than 13 years ago, Instagram published its first picture on July 16, 2010. But what is so interesting about it?

The picture was clicked in the Dogpatch labs’ incubator. It was a shared working place where creators of the popular platform – Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom – worked together. Krieger captured a photo of South Beach Harbor at Pier 38 on the 16th of July 2010 and uploaded it. It was some time before the platform’s official release on October 6, 2010.

The picture was an artistic click of a window overlooking a marina. It was a titled shot and had heavy editing. Since Instagram had no location-identifying option at the time, the place from where it was posted is unclear. You would not believe that the post today has 45,473 likes!

The most striking fact about the first post is the person who did it! Yes, it was the creator of the social platform – Mike Krieger – a Brazilian-American entrepreneur! Although a software engineer, he co-founded Instagram with Kevin Systrom. When Krieger worked as its CTO, Instagram rose from million monthly active users to around 1 billion in no time!

Instagram - First Post
Instagram – First Post

Followed by the initial photo, the second-ever post was shared around half an hour after the first one. It was uploaded from Kevin Systrom’s account, showing him working at his working space. He captioned the photo Friday work, to which his friend and Instagram co-founder replied Kevin is hard at work.

But Was It Really The First Post To Be Shared On Instagram?

Some claim the first post uploaded on Instagram was of a Golden Retriever playing with Kevin Systrom’s (Co-founder) girlfriend, Nicole!

The post was of a stray puppy, clicked near a food stand called Tacos Chilakos in Mexico. It is clicked from above by a woman with her foot. Poele claims the foot is of Systrom’s girlfriend and the face of a puppy. Since the post was captioned as a test, many people believe it might be the initial picture published on the social platform.

Instagram - Second Post
Instagram – Second Post

The initial photograph shared by Kevin, titled “Test,” was mistakenly linked to being the first Instagram image, likely because its URL contained an earlier letter of the alphabet. Nonetheless, within Kevin’s post lies the maiden Instagram tag, associated with his girlfriend’s personal account under the name Nicole, where her foot and flip flop are captured beside the posed dog.

The uncertainty was dispelled when the founders reached a consensus that Krieger’s post was the first.

Other Instagram Pictures That Broke the World Records

After nine years of uploading the first picture on the popular platform, in 2019, the photo of an egg broke the record of the most-liked post. The mere photo of a yellow egg on a white background became the most-liked picture on Instagram, gathering over 55 million thumbs up from people. It even broke the previous world record of Kylie Jenner, who collected over 18 million hearts!

Instagram - Most Liked Post
Instagram – Most Liked Post

The Codename was the original name of Instagram, which was changed after a few years. It was created for iOS in 2010 and was introduced to Android 2 years later, in 2012!

Wrapping Up

That’s how we wrap up the accounts of the first picture shared on Instagram! No one can deny that Instagram had a glorious beginning right from the start. However, its upload quality was poor. The two creators had no idea it had such a long way to go in that arena! In today’s rising expectations of fastidiousness and aesthetics concerning formatting, accuracy, and filtering, the Instagram we had 12 years ago stands nowhere! But it has improved a lot in the last few years. One can hope Instagram continues going upwards (achieving more success) from here and focuses on enhancing visual content even more!


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