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The first edition of the “Limca Book of Records” was published in 1987. This annual reference book, published by Coca-Cola India, documents various records, achievements, and feats by individuals and organizations in India. It focuses on records related to India or achieved by Indian citizens. Since its inception, the Limca Book of Records has become a well-known platform for recognizing and celebrating remarkable achievements in the country. It is a localized equivalent of the Guinness World Records.

Revealing the Inaugural Year of the “Limca Book of Records”: A Tribute to Indian Achievements

The history of the “Limca Book of Records” traces back to 1987, marking the year when this prestigious compilation of outstanding Indian achievements was first published. This article aims to explore the genesis of the book, highlighting its significance, and acknowledging the extraordinary accomplishments it has documented. Let’s dive into the story of when the first “Limca Book of Records” was published, offering an inspiring insight into India’s exceptional accomplishments.

The Birth of the “Limca Book of Records”

In 1987, the esteemed publication known as the “Limca Book of Records” made its grand entrance onto the Indian cultural scene. The first Limca Book of Records came out in 1987 when the Limca soft drink brand belonged to Parle Bisleri. It was first started by Ramesh Chauhan. In 1993, he sold it to The Coca-Cola Company, and they have been publishing it since then. Nowadays, Coca-Cola India, the company that makes Limca, helps publish the Limca Book of Records. Inspired by the legendary Coca-Cola brand’s popular Indian soft drink, Limca, the book aimed to capture and celebrate the diverse range of exceptional achievements within the nation.

Inception and Purpose

The primary objective behind the creation of the “Limca Book of Records” was to showcase the extraordinary talents, skills, and accomplishments of Indians across various fields. By recognizing and honoring these exceptional feats, the book sought to inspire individuals and acknowledge the immense potential residing within the nation.

The First Edition

The inaugural edition of the “Limca Book of Records” was eagerly awaited and highly anticipated. Released in 1987, it featured a curated collection of records derived from different domains, showcasing the diverse range of extraordinary achievements across India. From remarkable athletic triumphs to academic milestones, entrepreneurial achievements to artistic brilliance, the first edition aimed to highlight the unparalleled diversity and talent of the Indian populace.

Significance and Impact

The release of the “Limca Book of Records” brought about a paradigm shift in how record-breaking achievements in India were recognized and celebrated. While the Guinness World Records recognized many global records, the “Limca Book of Records” placed a special emphasis on Indian accomplishments, ensuring that deserving individuals, groups, and organizations received the recognition they deserved.

By showcasing a wide array of records and achievements, the book created a platform to motivate aspiring individuals, encouraging them to reach new heights and push the boundaries of their abilities. It served as a testament to the potential dwelling within every citizen of India while fostering a sense of national pride and unity.

Evolution and Growth

Since its inception, the “Limca Book of Records” has continued to evolve and expand. With each passing year, new editions have been released, chronicling the vibrant and ever-growing landscape of Indian accomplishments. The book has maintained its relevancy by incorporating emerging categories and recognizing advances across diverse fields, reflecting the dynamic nature of India’s achievements.

Furthermore, the “Limca Book of Records” has embraced digital platforms to engage a wider audience and keep up with the changing times. Today, individuals can access the records online, further democratizing the recognition of extraordinary feats and enabling greater participation from across the nation.


The first publication of the “Limca Book of Records” in 1987 marked a significant milestone in the recognition and celebration of Indian achievements. With its inception, the book provided a dedicated platform to honor the extraordinary talent, skills, and accomplishments within the nation. Throughout the years, it has continued to inspire and empower individuals to strive for greatness, fostering a culture of achievement and progress. As the “Limca Book of Records” has progressed, it has not only recognized remarkable feats but also acted as a catalyst for further accomplishments in India.


Limca Book of Records


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