The world’s first IKEA store opened in Älmhult, Sweden on 28 October, 1958. It was established by Ingvar Kamprad in 1958. This store marked the beginning of the IKEA retail concept, which focuses on offering a wide range of affordable, self-assembled furniture and home goods in a warehouse-style setting. IKEA has since become a globally recognized brand with stores in numerous countries around the world.

Exploring History: Where Did the World’s First IKEA Store Open?

IKEA, a global retail giant renowned for its affordable and stylish furniture, has become a household name. But have you ever wondered where the first-ever IKEA store opened its doors? In this article, we’ll take a captivating journey back in time to discover the birthplace of IKEA and the origins of this beloved furniture empire.

The Birth of IKEA

The world’s first IKEA store opened in the small town of Älmhult, Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad, the visionary behind IKEA, embarked on a mission to make well-designed furniture accessible to the masses and found the perfect location to begin his venture.

Ingvar Kamprad - Founder of IKEA Addressing Audience During Opening of First IKEA Store
Ingvar Kamprad – Founder of IKEA Addressing Audience During Opening of First IKEA Store. Image Credits – Google

Älmhult: The Chosen Destination

Älmhult, a rural town in southern Sweden, proved to be the ideal location for the inaugural IKEA store. Situated in the heart of the Småland region, known for its strong furniture-making tradition, Älmhult provided a solid foundation for Kamprad’s furniture business. Additionally, the town’s strategic location along major transportation routes facilitated the distribution of IKEA products to a wider audience.

The First IKEA Store

On October 28, 1958, the first IKEA store officially opened its doors in Älmhult. The 6,700 square meter space unveiled Kamprad’s innovative concept of self-service furniture shopping, where customers could explore fully furnished showrooms and conveniently collect flat-packed furniture themselves. This groundbreaking approach revolutionized the furniture industry and laid the groundwork for IKEA’s future success.

World's First IKEA Store
World’s First IKEA Store. Image Credits – Google

IKEA’s Success and Global Expansion

The initial success of the first IKEA store in Älmhult paved the way for rapid expansion. Kamprad’s visionary approach, combining stylish design, affordability, and customer-centric services, resonated with consumers worldwide. IKEA’s popularity soared, leading the company to expand both within Sweden and internationally, setting up stores in numerous countries across the globe.

Älmhult: The Cradle of IKEA Innovation

While Älmhult may not boast the world’s largest IKEA store today, it remains an essential location for the brand. Recognizing the significance of its birthplace, IKEA established its global headquarters and the IKEA Museum in Älmhult. The museum allows visitors to delve into the history of the company, experience iconic IKEA designs, and gain insights into the philosophy that drives the brand’s commitment to sustainability and practicality.

IKEA Museum
IKEA Museum. Image Credits – Google


The first IKEA store opened its doors in the charming town of Älmhult, Sweden, marking the beginning of a furniture revolution. Ingvar Kamprad’s visionary concept of affordable and well-designed furniture resonated with customers worldwide, propelling IKEA to global acclaim. While Älmhult retains its status as the birthplace of IKEA, the brand’s influence extends far beyond its humble origins, captivating homes and hearts around the world with its Scandinavian-inspired designs and accessible furnishings.


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