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The world’s first ballpoint pen was invented by László Bíró, a Hungarian journalist, and his brother and György Bíró in 1938. It was called the Bíró pen, and it was first sold in Argentina in 1943. Ballpoint pen, known as the Bíró pen, revolutionized writing instruments with its unique ball and ink cartridge system. This invention paved the way for the development of modern-day ballpoint pens that we use today.

Unveiling the World’s First Ballpoint Pen: A Fascinating Journey in Writing Innovation

The ballpoint pen has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives, revolutionizing the way we write and ensuring smooth and effortless strokes. However, have you ever wondered about the origins of this remarkable invention? In this article, we will explore the captivating history of the world’s first ballpoint pen, shedding light on the ingenious minds behind its creation and the impact it has had on the writing instrument industry.

The Birth of the Ballpoint Pen

The world’s first ballpoint pen is widely credited to Hungarian brothers, László and György Bíró. In 1938, they patented and introduced their innovative writing tool, known as the Bíró pen. This remarkable invention marked a significant departure from traditional fountain pens and pencils, offering an entirely new writing experience.

László Bíró - Inventor of modern ballpoint pen.
László Bíró – Inventor of modern ballpoint pen. Image Credits – Wikipedia.

Bíró was inspired to invent the ballpoint pen after he became frustrated with the fountain pens that were commonly used at the time. Fountain pens were messy and unreliable, and they often leaked ink. Bíró wanted to create a pen that was clean, reliable, and could write on any surface.

Other early ballpoint pens

Bíró was not the first person to try to invent a ballpoint pen. There were several earlier attempts, but none of them were successful. One of the earliest attempts was made in 1888 by John J. Loud, an American inventor. Loud’s pen used a similar design to Bíró’s, but it was not as reliable.

John J. Loud - Inventor of early ballpoint pen.
John J. Loud – Inventor of early ballpoint pen.. Image Credits – Wikipedia.

Another early attempt was made in 1931 by László Bíró’s brother, György Bíró. György’s pen was also similar to Bíró’s, but it was too expensive to produce.

The Bíró Pen: A Leap Forward in Writing Technology

The Bíró pen distinguished itself through its unique ball and ink cartridge system. Unlike traditional pens that required constant dipping in ink or cumbersome fountain pens with leak-prone mechanisms, the Bíró pen featured a tiny ball bearing housed within a rotating socket at the pen’s tip. As the pen moved across the paper, the ball rotated and drew ink from a specialized cartridge, delivering a consistent and smooth flow of ink. This mechanism made writing effortless, reliable, and neat.

Commercialization and Worldwide Influence

Following its invention, the Bíró pen rapidly gained popularity and commercial success. In 1943, the British Royal Air Force recognized its potential and adopted the pen for their pilots, as it performed flawlessly at high altitudes and on various surfaces. The ballpoint pen has also been used to create important documents, such as the United States Declaration of Independence and the United Nations Charter. This endorsement further fueled the pen’s global influence, leading to its widespread adoption in both professional and personal contexts.

Bíró Pen and Advertisement
At left, an authentic Birome made in Argentina by Bíró & Meyne. At right, Birome advertisement in Argentine magazine Leoplán, 1945. Image Credits – Wikipedia.

Evolution and Advancements

Over time, the initial design of the Bíró pen underwent improvements and refinements. Manufacturers around the world recognized its value and began producing their own versions, leading to a diverse array of ballpoint pens on the market. Today, ballpoint pens come in various styles, colors, and ink types to cater to different user preferences.

The Enduring Legacy

The creation of the world’s first ballpoint pen propelled a significant shift in writing technology, providing an efficient alternative to traditional writing instruments. Its impact extended beyond practicality, influencing the realms of art, education, business, and everyday communication. The ballpoint pen’s reliability, convenience, and versatility have made it a ubiquitous tool in our modern society.


The world’s first ballpoint pen, invented by the Bíró brothers, was a game-changer in the world of writing instruments. It introduced a revolutionary mechanism that allowed for smooth, consistent ink flow, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability. The Bíró pen’s success sparked a global transformation in writing technology, laying the foundation for the diverse range of ballpoint pens we enjoy today. As we continue to write and create using these remarkable tools, let us reflect on the ingenuity and foresight of those who pioneered this indispensable invention.


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