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The first-ever Facebook profile was created by Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook. He launched the social networking platform on February 4, 2004, and his own profile was among the initial ones on the platform.

A Profile That Started it All: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Inception

We all know about the person who created Facebook – a platform that marked the beginning of a social media curve. Although we had Orkut and MySpace before Facebook, it was the first platform that let people share live updates. It allowed the world to do so many things and still a lot more through a few simple steps.

The best feature that attracted many individuals and businesses to Facebook was its simple-to-operate user interface and free-of-cost service. Even after so many years, it is still free and continues to dominate the social media world by offering the best features to people worldwide.

Although we know the history of Facebook, do we know anything about the person who had the chance to create the first-ever profile on it? The first person to share live updates with the world.

Well, if you have no idea, don’t worry because we will clear all your doubts today regarding the person to have the first-ever profile on the popular platform.

The First Person to Create a Facebook Account

The first person to create an Facebook profile was its creator – Mark Zuckerberg!

Mark established the social media giant in 2004, along with his colleagues at Harvard University. Although they worked together on the concept, Mark created the first official account on the platform. He had ID no.4, as the initial 3 accounts were mere experiments that don’t exist anymore. Although, you can still search for Mark Zuckerberg’s profile on Facebook.

Facebook - First Profile Page
Here’s an early look at Mark Zuckerberg’s first profile page

Why Were Users Given an ID Code to Use Facebook?

When the world was new to Facebook, everyone was intrigued by the aesthetic and usability offered by the platform. Before its creation, we had to share photos and videos with people individually. If we wanted to update them about their life, it was possible only if we had a conversation over text or call.

No one had imagined being able to share their life so conveniently with their close ones, even in their wildest dreams. However, Facebook revolutionized the social media world. It initially allowed every person an ID code they could use to switch to their account. Until a few years ago, if you didn’t alter the code that mentions your name, you could still see a string of numerical codes.

This code was the number in which you signed up for the social media services. For instance, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4. In this URL, 4 is the number at which the user created their Facebook profile. It was referred to as ID and began as ID#.

The Initial 10 Individuals to Create an Facebook Profile

Since ID 1 to 3 doesn’t exist, the original Facebook account begins with #4. After Mark Zuckerberg, his mates at Harvard are most likely to have a profile on the platform, who also assisted him in commencing the social network services.

The names of the initial ten individuals to create a profile on Facebook are here.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg (ID 4) – The creator of Facebook.
  2. Chris Hughes (ID 5) – He was one of the co-founders of Facebook. But he resigned in 2007 to assist Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential drive.
  3. Dustin Moskovitz (ID 6) – He was also a co-founder of Facebook and the CEO of Asana, a popular platform that manages work.
  4. Arie Hasit (ID 7) – He was the first person to have a Facebook profile but was not one of its founders.
  5. Andrew McCollum (ID 26) – He was among the initial associates of the Facebook creation team.
  6. Colin Kelly (ID 27) – He was an associate in Physics at Harvard University.
  7. Mark Kaganovich (ID 28) – He was Zuckerberg’s classmate and co-founded SolveBio.
  8. Andrei Boros (ID 29) – He is a graduate in economics from Harvard.
  9. Manuel Antonio Aguilar (ID 30) is the president of CASSA, a building development firm.
  10. Zach Bercu (ID 31) – He is a Harvard graduate and also a Clinical Site Director.

Since IDs 8 to 25 are no longer there, users after Andrew McCollum are allotted IDs 26, and so on. And the first female to have a Facebook account is Sarah Goodin, who became a part of the platform with the ID 33.

Wrapping Up

Following the sign-ups of the individuals listed above, Facebook gradually gained popularity among students on the Harvard campus. Soon, students and professors of all ivy league colleagues became familiar with the name and were intrigued to be a part of the social networking services.

What happened later, we all know! Facebook took the world by storm and continues to be the most loved social network, surpassing the popularity of Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).


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