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The world’s first Miss World was Sweden’s Kiki Håkansson. She won the title in 1951, marking the beginning of the prestigious Miss World pageant. Since then, the competition has showcased the beauty, grace, and talent of women from around the world, making it a celebrated event in the global beauty pageant industry.

Beyond the Crown: The Remarkable Journey of the Inaugural Miss World

Since its inception in 1951, the Miss World pageant has become a prominent event that celebrates the beauty and elegance of women from across the globe. It all began with the crowning of Kiki Håkansson from Sweden, who made history by becoming the world’s first Miss World. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Kiki Håkansson’s journey and her significant contribution to the world of beauty pageants.

The Birth of Miss World

The Miss World pageant was the brainchild of Eric Morley, who wanted to create an event that would bring together women from various countries to showcase their beauty, grace, and intelligence. The inaugural edition of Miss World took place on 29th July 1951 at the Lyceum Theatre in London, with contestants from 26 nations participating.

Kiki Håkansson: The Visionary Winner

In this landmark event, Kiki Håkansson, a stunning representative from Sweden, emerged as the winner, etching her name in the history books as the world’s first Miss World. Her grace, poise, and elegance captivated the judges and the audience, setting a high standard for future contestants.

Kiki Håkansson - World's First Miss World
Kiki Håkansson – World’s First Miss World. Image Credits – Google.

The Impact of Kiki Håkansson’s Win

Kiki’s victory served as a catalyst for the Miss World pageant, driving its popularity and significance in the world of beauty pageants. Her success demonstrated that beauty combined with intelligence and charm could make a lasting impact on a global platform.

Paving the Way for Future Miss World Winners

Kiki Håkansson’s triumph paved the way for subsequent Miss World winners, inspiring a new generation of women to participate in the prestigious pageant. Over the years, Miss World has evolved into a highly anticipated event that unites nations, celebrates diversity, and empowers women.

The Evolution of Miss World

Since Kiki Håkansson’s crowning, the Miss World pageant has evolved and expanded, embracing cultural diversity, talent showcases, charity work, and humanitarian causes. This evolution has propelled Miss World to become more than just a beauty pageant, emphasizing the importance of inner beauty, intelligence, and social impact.


Kiki Håkansson’s win as the world’s first Miss World marked an extraordinary milestone in the history of beauty pageants. Her victory not only put Sweden on the map but also paved the way for future contestants to shine on the global stage. Over the years, the Miss World pageant has grown, capturing the hearts of millions around the world and continuing to empower women to showcase their unique beauty, talent, and ambitions. Kiki Håkansson’s legacy remains an integral part of the Miss World story, forever reminding us of the power of grace, elegance, and international sisterhood.

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