world's first pizzeria

The world’s first pizzeria is believed to be Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, located in Naples, Italy. It was opened in 1738 and and is still in business today.

Pizza’s Birthplace: Exploring the World’s First Pizzeria

Pizza, a beloved dish enjoyed by millions worldwide, has a timeless appeal and a rich history. One question that often arises among pizza enthusiasts and curious minds alike is, “Where was the world’s first pizzeria established?” In this article, we embark on a journey to delve into the origins of pizza and trace the intriguing tale of the world’s first pizzeria.

Ancient Beginnings

While modern pizza as we know it today originated in Naples, Italy, its roots can be traced back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all had variations of flatbreads topped with various ingredients, which can be seen as precursors to the pizza we enjoy today.

Naples: Birthplace of Modern Pizza

In the late 18th century, Naples emerged as the birthplace of the modern pizza we are familiar with. Naples, a bustling city filled with working-class neighborhoods, saw the birth of the iconic Neapolitan pizza. During this time, flatbread with toppings became a popular inexpensive meal choice among the poor.

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

As we delve into the history of pizzerias, one establishment holds a significant place in the narrative. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, located in Naples, is often regarded as the oldest pizzeria in the world, established in 1738. This historic pizzeria stands as a testament to the deep-rooted pizza culture in Naples.

Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba - World's First Pizzeria
Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba – World’s First Pizzeria

If you’re a fan of pizza, then a visit to Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is a must. It’s a historic pizzeria that serves some of the best pizza in the world.

Here are some additional details about Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba that may be of interest to you:

  • The pizzeria is located at Via Port’Alba, 18, 80138 Napoli, Italy.
  • It is open from 12pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 11pm, seven days a week.
  • The pizzeria only accepts cash payments.
  • Reservations are not accepted, so it’s best to arrive early to avoid the crowds.
  • The pizzeria has a website and a social media presence, which can be used to promote it to potential customers.

Brandi Pizzeria

Another notable pizzeria in Naples is Brandi Pizzeria, which traces its origins back to 1780. In 1889, the pizzeria gained worldwide recognition when Queen Margherita of Italy visited Naples. Legend has it that Raffaele Esposito, the pizzaiolo at Brandi, created a pizza in honor of the queen and named it Pizza Margherita, featuring the colors of the Italian flag—tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Pepe in Grani

In the Campania region of Italy, the renowned Pepe in Grani is recognized as one of the most celebrated pizzerias. Established in Caiazzo in 2012, it has gained international acclaim for its commitment to traditional methods, high-quality ingredients, and expertise in the art of pizza-making.

New York City

As Italian immigrants flocked to the United States, pizza became popular in the early 20th century, especially in New York City. Lombardi’s, opened in 1905, is considered the first pizzeria in America and holds its place in pizza history.


In the search for the world’s first pizzeria, the origins of this beloved dish take us back to Naples, Italy. While Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba and Brandi Pizzeria claim the titles of the oldest pizzerias, their importance extends beyond just being pioneers. These establishments remain testaments to the rich cultural heritage and legacy of pizza in Naples. As pizza spread around the world, its evolution continued, fueled by the creativity and passion of countless pizzaiolos who crafted their own unique styles. From Naples to New York and beyond, pizza has become a global phenomenon, captivating taste buds and bringing people together in a shared love for this delectable dish.


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